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The History of the William T. Hutchinson Company

   William T. Hutchinson was founded with an idea in 1927. Mr. Hutchinson was an early pioneer in the development and marketing of the High Speed Steel Drill Blank. Through careful planning and constant improvement of production methods, he developed a superior High Speed Blank that is hardened and finished to a precise size.
   In 1964, the Hutchinson family sold the business to Joseph Roth and Walter Wilford, the co-owners and founders of Eastern Precision Tool and Gage Co. Their many years experience in the Tool & Die industry enabled the company to expand significantly. Charles Roth came on board in 1965, and produced the company's first catalog, beginning four decades of direct mail sales.
   In 1971, we moved to our current location, 453 Lehigh Ave., Union, NJ, and over the next 15 years continually added equipment and personnel to increase our capacity. We also began working with new "Super" High Speed Steel materials with higher alloy content to allow for a higher hardness and superior tool performance. We were the first to offer a full line of M42 drill blanks, and have continued to add new alloys (WKE45, T15PM, M4PM, ASP23, ASP30, ASP60, CPM-10V) to our product line ever since. With the slowing of the manufacturing economy in the late '80s, we began working in partnership with other small domestic manufacturers to distribute a small number of hard to find, high quality shop tools and supplies. Our 800 number was activated in 1988, and is accessible from the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Charles' son, Dean, joined the staff in 1991, and has overseen several years of rapid growth. The most recent addition to our staff is Jim Bond, who brings added expertise from over 20 years of experience in the manufacture of punches, perforators, ejector pins and core rods.
We continue to expand our product line, having recently added hardened and ground blanks in Tool Steel (A2, D2, O1 and S7) and Stainless Steel (440C) to our catalog.
   Our catalog, which was 12 pages in 1988, has now grown to 84 pages. After 75 years in business, we have recently doubled our manufacturing and warehouse space, expanded our line of hard-to-find "Super HSS" blanks, entered into distribution agreements with several major manufacturers of shop supplies and equipment, and created an on-line presence on the world wide web. To continue to serve our customers´ needs, we now accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, and have begun supplying our blanks to industrial distributors in Mexico, South America, Europe and the Far East.
   William T. Hutchinson Company continues to cater to the small manufacturer. Our quick turnaround on small lot specials, and large stock of standard items can help you meet your scheduled deliveries. And, as always, we have no minimum order requirement.
W.T. Hutchinson Co, 1-800-544-7934 - (908) 688-0533 - Fax: (908) 688-8296